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Bridging cultural and digital divides

We combine international and local expertise with a comprehensive understanding of Kazakhstan’s media landscape. This allows us to deliver our services with the commitment to excellence expected of an international PR agency with all necessary cultural sensitivity. We are specialists in social media and will help you to understand and engage with social media in Kazakhstan and internationally in order to promote your message.
How can we help?

Welcome to KazakhstanPR

The services we provide

  • Integrated communications agency providing a range of public relations, copywriting and social media services
  • Public relations for clients promoting themselves in Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking markets
  • Public relations for clients from Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking markets promoting themselves internationally
  • Social media strategy consulting and implementation to improve online branding, awareness and return on investment
  • Digital news releases designed to provide all the multimedia content journalists and bloggers need
  • Professional editing and writing tailored to your needs
  • Proofreading and editing for academic and corporate clients
  • Media training for groups and individuals
  • Partner services including media monitoring, online newsroom creation and video production