Because your business’ reputation is reliant on how you are perceived by customers, it is crucial that all of your communications are of the very highest professional standard.

Everything you use to communicate from website content to marketing materials, reports, restaurant menus and even simple emails need to be effective, concise and completely accurate in order to maintain the credibility of your brand.

Poor quality copywriting, spelling and grammatical errors or boring content will damage your reputation and deter customers. Numerous studies suggest that consumers simply do not trust businesses whose materials and website feature poor spelling and grammar and would not do business with companies which make these mistakes.

On your website a lack of SEO (search engine optimisation) copy, or using disallowed SEO techniques will mean that search engines such as Google and Yandex will ignore it.

Effective copywriting should be a cornerstone of any public relations or marketing strategy and not treating it seriously is a big mistake.

Expertly written copy to help you attract, educate, enthrall, influence, inform and sell to your target audience.
Expertly written copy to help you attract, educate, enthrall,
influence, inform and sell to your target audience.

KazakhstanPR offers a range of professional English and Russian language proofreading, editing and copywriting services from general documents and reports to social media posts, all of which will distinguish you from your competition and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

With years of writing experience behind us and a number of former journalists on our team, our writing ability is second to none, while we’ll know precisely how to target your specific audience.

Our proofreading, editing and copywriting services include:

• General documents and reports

• Annual reviews

• Articles for newspapers, magazines and websites

• Brochures and marketing materials

• Press releases filled with the multimedia content that audiences want which can be embedded with one-click into the social media channels and platforms the target audience use.

• Writing or editing of website content (while our partners can also provide website design if required) that is both effective and SEO optimised.

• Social media and your online presence, such as LinkedIn/Facebook/VKontakte accounts as well as blog and forum posts.