Multimedia release with tracking

Suitable for press releases and marketing newsletters, the multimedia release makes your message stand out, and maximises audience engagement and the reach of your news. Sent via email, the release blends text, images, video, logos, social media tools, web-links and more into an interactive HTML document. It also contains tracking allowing you to measure precisely how your releases boost your business. Multimedia news releases are much more than a simple text release, allowing customers, journalists, bloggers, analysts, investors and the general public to see your news, download high-resolution images and further interact with your organisation through accompanying links and social media. As well as being around four times more likely to be picked up as a news story by the media than a conventional text release, the multimedia release allows your message to spread socially via social media through a few clicks from the reader.


Unlike traditional text releases, multimedia releases allow you to track how many people opened your email newsletter or press release and see exactly what they clicked on within it.
Embedded at the bottom of your release is a tiny, invisible tracker graphic unique to that release. Every time your email is opened and viewed, the tracker is downloaded.There is even the option to link to your website and tracking the behavior of readers there using temporary cookies.

Detailed analytical reports

Tracking provides you with detailed information on how many emails were delivered, who opened it and at what time, revenue reports, industry comparison, opens by location and more. All of this information can be narrowed down to see what each single recipient did after receiving the release.

Click maps show you what percentage of users clicked on links within your email

How it works

  • We write or you provide text in the language of your choice with translation available
  • We create a branded template in your company’s style featuring logos, contact details and links
  • Multimedia content is added such as video, images and links to supporting content such as PDF files
  • The release is tagged for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, vkontakte and LinkedIn
  • The release is sent out by HTML email to contacts
  • You receive a detailed report, fully customised to provide the data you need